Calibrating 3D Structured Light Sensor

If the device experiences a shock, the 3D sensor may go out of calibration which will prevent SAFR from verifying liveness and granting access.

Symptom: SAFR recognizes the person (name appears on event in Live View) but does not verify liveness (Green heartbeat emoji does not appear on the event in Live View).

Check Calibration

You can verify calibration is the root cause by using Face 3D mode in the Live View. Set video preview to “Face 3D” as shown to the right. When standing about 1-2 feet from SAFR SCAN, you should see the 3D structure of your face as shown in the left 
Correct” image. If the image appears mostly green or very little structure as shown in the right “Incorrect” image, then the device needs to be recalibrated.

Check Calibration Proceedure

  1. Open  SAFR SCAN Web Console
  2. Go to Live View
  3. Change view to "Face 3D"
  4. Move your face to 1 foot in front of display and look directly at display
  5. You should see a 3D view of a face that looks something like the image on the left below labeled "Correct".  If the image looks like the one on the right labeled "Incorrect", an adjustment is needed.




Prepare for Calibration

Find a location where there is a flat uniform surface that is 4 meters high and 2.5 meters wide.  The reader needs to be placed at a height of 5 to 6 feet and the face of the reader MUST BE parallel to the surface (both vertically and horizontally).  Mount the reader securely in this location so that it is free of motion.  Check it is parallel by carefully measuring the distance of the reader from each corner - given the small distance from center, very precise measurement should be made.  Double check there are no obstructions causing an uneven surface and that color of surface is consistent.

Open the Calibration Page. 

Calibration procedure

  • Place smooth, uniform, vertical surface 0.8 meters away from the device large enough to occupy entire visible area.
  • Make sure surface is parallel to the device glass face plate using leveling tools.
  • Recheck that distance from the device to the surface is 0.8 meters.
  • Adjust lighting to achieve dim ambient light.
  • Start calibration by pressing Calibrate button below.

(lightbulb) If calibration does not resolve the issue or worsens it, you have the option to reset to factory default calibration on the calibration page.



Other Examples

Before Calibration

After Calibration