SAFR Software is included with SAFR SCAN device at no extra charge.  SAFR SCAN itself is a one time cost and the software is provided for duration of product warranty.

A license is required to operate the SAFR Software.  That license is required to operate the software and grants the software the ability to run up to 3 feeds which are required to add faces from SAFR Software.  You can upload faces from as many devices as you wish but only 3 can be operated simultaneously.  

SAFR Software licenses are provided for either on-premises Software or SAFR Cloud.  SAFR Cloud licenses come with an additional limitation to limit the number of SAFR SCAN devices connected to the cloud since (and there are subscription feeds associated with operation of SAFR SCAN with SAFR Cloud).

Please review following about SAFR SCAN licensing
  • Every SAFR SCAN license (cloud or on-premises) is granted 3 feeds.  
    • This is to allow for face upload through SAFR clients (Desktop, web console, mobile apps) and should never be used to operate a camera.  
  • Design of the mobile app has been modified to avoid defaulting to the camera to avoid taking up a camera feed license.  
  • As you may know, camera feed licenses for uploading a face is released within 1 hour.  
  • The number of licenses per safr scan account (on-prem or cloud) is always 3 - it does not vary with the number of SCAN devices.  
  • Enrolling a face in SAFR SCAN Web Console does not consume feed license.

Please note:  SAFR SCAN itself does not consume a feed license.  Currently there is no license limit restricting number of SCAN devices for on-premises or cloud.  In the future there will be a limit on number of scan devices allows on a single cloud account and this limit will be imposed retroactively based upon number of scan devices issued by purchase order against a given cloud account.