Reset Button Location

Reset button is located in one of two places as described below.

Current Shipping ModelsEarlier Housing
Reset button located just inside the mounting bracket hole (just inside and to the right of the opening)

Note: Must remove mounting bracket to access the Reset Button

Reset button located just below and to the left of the AUX Port

Procedure for Reset

The following procedure is common to both housing models.

  1. Find the Reset button on back of device as shown above.
  2. Power the unit either via PoE or the 12v power source
  3. Press and hold the Reset Button for 10 seconds
    1. Reset button will start to flash orange and then turn solid red when reset is complete
  4. When device powers back up, you will see IP Address flash
  5. Connect to the device via browser and run thru the "Set-up System Login" prompts.