SAFR license is based on "feeds" and expiration date.

A feed is consumed when any of the following occur

  • SAFR processing a live video camera input either thru Camera Feed Analyzer or Video Feeds windows - 1 feed license per camera
  • SAFR processing a video file - 1 feed license per file processed
  • Uploading a photo from one of our applications - 1 feed license per computer or device where face is uploaded


A feed license is released 1 hour after the action is stopped.  For example, if you stop a camera, 1 hour later the license is released.  If you upload a single file, then a feed license is released 1 hour after uploading the file.


Note: a unique condition, but one that may be relevant in cases of low foot traffic, is that if safr is processing camera and NO faces appear for a period of 1 hour, then the license is released. In other words, safr only counts a live camera input or video file input as consuming a license if a face appear in view.  If there are no faces in the camera view for period of 1 hour, the feed license is released until such time a face appears.