Yes, you can set the authentication mode on a schedule.  You can even apply different schedules to different individuals.

You will need to use SAFR Desktop to create such schedules.  To do this, open the Person Window and Chose "Manage Access Clearances" from the "..." menu in upper right of window.

PIck an existing access clearance and edit that or create a new access clearance.

Set the following on the Access Clearance:
  • Access Granted = Everywhere during permitted time frames
  • Access Mode = Face Recognition

You can add multiple schedules.  You can pick different authentication modes.  You can even have different authentication modes on each schedule (i.e. face only during business hours and face+card during off-business hours).

You will then need to assign that access clearance to each of the user for which you want that schedule to apply.  If multiple schedules are needed, create one access clearance for each schedule.

Currently safr only allows one access clearance per person. So you will need to create one access clearance for each unique combination of permissions.