The recommended mounting height for SAFR SCAN per the SAFR SCAN Datasheet SAFR SCAN Datasheet is 46 to 58 inches (1.2 to 1.5 meters).  SAFR SCAN can be mounted lower than this but will require a mounting bracket that angles the device up and will not authenticate as fast as when mounted at the recommended height.


The image below shows scan mounted at 55” to give you a sense of how we do at ideal mounting height.  Mounting SAFR SCAN at this height result in the fasted performance.   

In situations where the reader is perpendicular to the approach of people, the door will typically be unlocked before the subject is at the door. Even in cases where subjects approach from the side, access typically is well under 1 second.

SAFR SCAN may be mounted lower (i.e. Turnstile (38" and up) or mounting to existing ADA height reader openings (42").  In these cases, its typically optimal to mount the reader at an angle of about 20° or 30° vertical.  Below demonstrates mounting of the reader at exiting 42" openings:

The article Can I mount SAFR SCAN to existing reader cutout at 42 in height? describes performance when mounting to existing ADA.

When possible SAFR SCAN should be mounted at recommended heights and perpendicular to the approach of access credential holders.  When that is not possible, a discussion should be had with the end user to understand teh trade-offs between mounting ideal height and the heights that may be dictated by site necessity.

Attached to this article is the source file used to generate these diagrams.  This is included in case you wish to create your own versions at different heights and angles.  The file can be opened and edited with the freely available program at