This article explains some common issues with accessing the SAFR Support portal tips on troubleshooting them.

Account Activation

The most common problem is activating an account.  This is most often caused by the activation email not being delivered.  The activation email is initiated by a SAFR team member.  If you were told an activation emails was sent and you did not receive it, please check your low priority inbox folder, your local email SPAM folders AND most importantly check the quarantine inbox of your corporate SPAM filtering solution.

Error signing in or activating

Another problem we have seen is errors when activating the account.

{"code":"internal_error","message":"We're sorry, but something went wrong."}

If you run into an unexpected error while logging in or activating your account, please try to capture a HAR (HTTP Session Archive) using these instructions.  Please send the resulting file to and we will provide further instructions.