SAFR Support Lifecycle Policy

  • SAFR releases are supported for 1 years following release date
    • For macOS, latest released version is supported
    • For products older than 1 years, RealNetworks will support upgrading to supported version.  Guidance on proper upgrade procedure should be sought for products older than latest supported version.
  • SAFR clients (SAFR Desktop and mobile applications) released at same time are compatible
    • SAFR Clients are be compatible with newer versions of SAFR Server for up to 1 year
    • API is designed to be backward compatible.  Clients greater than 1 year older than server version should be interoperable with newer servers but are not certified.

Support for macOS Server is dropped effective immediately.  Only macOS Clients are supported moving forward.

Note: We won’t provide patch branches for older versions. I someone is not on the latest version then we will only support upgrade to newer supported version.

Standard response procedure for customer’s issue on supported/non-supported releases

If release is

RN investigates the issue, and respond the customer with resolution, or mitigation, or suggestions.

The bug will be fixed in future release.

Not supported (EOL)

RN only suggests to upgrade the system to supported release.

Appropriate upgrade procedure will be suggested.