SAFR Platform APIs

SAFR Platform exposes REST API which can be called remotely or locally to access a wide variety of SAFR services. An overview of the REST API is located here:

In particular:

SAFR Computer Vision API (COVI)

Main service API used to enable face detection, recognition, and management of recognized persons and faces

SAFR Computer Vision Events Server API (CVEV)

Used to publish, query, modify, and delete recognition events


Used to configure video feeds for monitoring object recognition

SAFR Object Server API (CVOS)

Used to manage object storage and data stream access


Standard integration

SAFR standard integration method is to synchronize the credentials from the access control software to SAFR Platform.  SAFR Platform will then take the responsibility to distribute the credentials to the various SAFR Scan according to zoning created. SAFR Scan will then verify the access credentials and provide/deny access according to the credentials received from the ACS software.  Feedback to the panel is transferred over Wiegand or OSDP.

See below a simple sketch: