There is a backup/restore script in the server 'bin' directory.    Described here: 

Just to make sure its worth the effort, the things that may be worth backing up:

  • Person records - If you are syncing from access control system, then this will be re-created when you reconnect after clean install
  • Events -  By default 30 days of events are maintained.  If desired you can just export these to XLS but if you want to re-import them you would need to run the backup/restore process.
  • Reader configuration - If you have not done a lot of configuration, it may be easier to just re-configure after clean install.  There is also a REST API to backup settings and restore:
    Backup: https://localhost:8085/docs/index.html#/Configuration%20Query%20Interfaces/getWorkerConfigurationUsingGET
    Restore: https://localhost:8085/docs/index.html#/Configuration%20Update%20Interfaces/putWorkerConfigurationUsingPUT

    If not on same computer as server, change localhost to IP address

If you are migrating my server, you should also send a request to support to have the license binding be rest.  Send the SAFR account id with this request. Once reset, you are ready to proceed with install on new hardware.