1 SAFR SCAN RMA Request Process

1.1 Introduction

This document describes the process for returning defective devices covered by the SAFR SCAN warranty. Other, non-technical return requests should be sent to orders@safr.com based on the returns policy in your reseller agreement.

SAFR SCAN comes with a 3-year warranty with an option to purchase an additional 2-year warranty at time of original purchase. Refer to your reseller agreement and/or our warranty policy online: https://safr.com/hardware-limited-warranty/

Before initiating a return, the troubleshooting process described in the next section should be performed to ensure that the issue cannot be resolved in the field, and an RMA ticket must be created and approved for return or similar by SAFR.

1.2 Troubleshooting Before the RMA request

This section describes the necessary checks that should be performed before making a return request for a SAFR SCAN device that is believed to be defective. Following the process described below will increase the likelihood that a returned item will be covered by warranty.

The Table below summarizes the symptoms that SCAN may exhibit due to various defects. Each item is covered in detail below the table. Please review fully the items most applicable to your symptoms.





Device does not power on

Device does not power on via PoE and/or DC power input.


Web console unreachable

Networking issue - Unable to reach the device web console.

Web Console

Error logging into device

Errors when attempting to log into the device.

Web Console

Errors in Web Console

Errors preventing operation of the device through web console.


Weigand Signal Issue

Issues with the Wiegand signal to the panel


OSDP Signal issue

Issues with the OSDP signal to the panel


Door Relay Error

Unable to trigger door relay.


Internal Card Reader Error

Internal card reader is defective


External Card Reader Error

Unable to receive signal from external card reader


Display Error

Black screen or other defect in the screen


Touch Screen not working

Either keypad or intercom call button is unresponsive to touch


LED Ring not working

LED Ring does not function as designed


No face matching

No face matched


Face matching but no access

Face matches but no Access Granted


BLE unresponsive

Unable to connect to the device via BLE


Speaker not working

No audio


Microphone not working

No sound from device during intercom session.


White lights not working

White lights are not enabling by design.


Physical Damage

Device has physical damage such as chips, cracks or water damage.

The process for each of these symptoms is described in SAFR SCAN Troubleshooting Guide found on http://docs.real.com.

If after completing all checks described in the SAFR SCAN Troubleshooting Guide the device is still not functioning as expected, initiate the RMA Request process as described below.

1.3 Initiating a Return Request

After performing the troubleshooting checks listed above, A return request can be initiated in the two ways described below. Please note that in all cases, an RMA number should be received before shipping the device back to the manufacturer.

If you need guidance before submitting a return request,please send email to support@safr.com to consult with a SAFR Support Agent.

1.3.1 Submit an RMA Ticket Request Through Our Support Portal

The best way to initiate an RMA is to sign into the SAFR Support Portal and submit an RMA ticket. If you don’t already have a SAFR Support Portal account, please send email to support@safr.com requesting one.

  1. Sign into http://support.safr.com
  2. Click “New Support Ticket”
  3. Select “RMA” as the Request Type
  4. Add the MAC address of the device. This is a 12-character value separated by colons located on a green and white sticker on the device. This is required.
  5. Select the most appropriate choice from the “Reported Defect” dropdown
  6. Provide a very short summary in “Reported Defect Detail”
  7. Enter a short summary of the issue in the Subject line such as “Return defective SCAN”
  8. Provide a detailed description of the problem and what relevant troubleshooting steps were taken in the Description.

NOTE: If returning multiple devices, make sure to submit ONE ticket for EVERY defective device. Not creating separate tickets will likely delay your request.

1.3.2 Send an Email to our ticketing system

  1. Send email to returns@safr.com with the following information:
    1. Subject line should summarize the issue encountered
    2. Message Body:
      1. MAC Address
      2. Reported Defect (See list below)
      3. Detailed description of the problem and relevant troubleshooting steps attempted.
  • Reported Defect Choices:
    • Device does not power on
    • Web console unreachable
    • Error logging into device
    • Errors in Web Console
    • OSDP Signal issue
    • Weigand Signal Issue
    • Door Relay Error
    • Internal Card Reader Error
    • External Card Reader Error
    • Display Error
    • Touch Screen not working
    • LED Ring not working
    • No face matching
    • Face matching but not access
    • BLE unresponsive
    • Speaker not working
    • Microphone not working
    • White lights not working
    • Physical Damage
    • Other (If “Other” please explain in message body)

If returning multiple devices, make sure to send ONE email for EVERY defective device.

1.4 After Submitting your RMA Request

Once submitted, you will hear back from a SAFR representative for next steps. Once your ticket is fully processed, you will either have a working unit after troubleshooting further, or you will receive an RMA number and shipping instructions from our team.

Detailed Steps After Submitting Your RMA Request:

  1. A SAFR Support agent may request additional information upon receipt of the request.
    1. This may include a remote meeting to perform additional troubleshooting steps in order to minimize unnecessary costs and time spent in return shipping by the customer and SAFR.
  2. If the SAFR agent determines that the issue is likely covered by the warranty RMA process, an RMA number and return shipping instructions will be provided to the requestor. Requestor is expected to pay for shipping costs back to SAFR and back to the requestor unless otherwise discussed and agreed by SAFR.
  3. A SAFR support agent will test the unit’s functionality. If the returned device is found to be functioning properly, the device will be returned to sender and sender is expected to cover return shipping.
    1. If SAFR SCAN fails for any of the covered conditions, SAFR will replace the unit and ship back at our expense.

Questions or comments about the documentation? Email us at safr-doc-feedback@realnetworks.com .