1. Plug in PoE(IP Address will be displayed on screen as device boots).
  2. Open SAFR SCAN Console at http://IP_ADDRESS obtained above.
  3. Click “Set Up System Login” when prompted and complete form. Then log in.
  4. Add faces in one of following ways:
    1. Upload face images through “Add” button on the People tab.
    2. Open Live tab, pose in front of device and then click “Enroll” on the resulting event.
  5. Test Face Matching.
    1. Edit person record in People tab. Set Access Clearance to “Unlimited”.
    2. Stand between 1 to 3 feet from the device and verify that the LED ring flashes green.

?If LED ring does not flash green, check Troubleshooting section of the Quick Start Guide

  1. Enable Wiegand, OSDP, or Relay outputs in Web Console as needed (wiring diagram on flip side).
    1. Wiegand: System > Wiegand > Wiegand connection to Control Panel = Enabled.
    2. OSDP: System > OSDP > OSDP connection to Control Panel = Enabled.
    3. Relay: System > Door Strike Relay > Electric door strike relay = Enabled (adjust duration if needed).
  2. Add credentials to person record.
    1. Go to People > Edit Person and set the following:
      • Access Clearance = Unlimited
      • Access Card Format = Select applicable format.
      • Access Card Facility ID and Access Card ID = Set to facility ID and user ID, respectively.

Now SAFR SCAN should be sending signal to panel to unlock door or close relay. See next page for wiring diagram.

Download and Install SAFR Software

Use SAFR On-Premises Server to manage multiple devices centrally and synchronize people from your PACS.

Contact about SAFR Cloud options.

Create a SAFR Account for your customer.

While signed into your SAFR Reseller Account:

  1. Go to “Downloads” at and click “Sign in/Signup” then click “Create new account”.
  2. Select “SAFR SCAN” and complete the form and submit. You should get a response within 24 hours.
  3. An email will be sent to the email address indicated above to activate the license and set a password.

Install SAFR Platform or SAFR Desktop application.

  1. Go to> Product Downloads and sign in with the SAFR Account created above.
  2. Download and install SAFR Platform CUDA 10 Edition for Windows or Linux.
  3. When installation is complete, sign into the Desktop Client using the customer’s SAFR Account credentials.

Connect SAFR SCAN to SAFR On-Premises Server or SAFR Cloud.

  1. Open the SAFR SCAN Web Console as described above and navigate to System > SAFR Server.
  2. Choose “SAFR Cloud Server” or “SAFR Local Server”.
    • If SAFR Cloud, enter the SAFR Account credentials.
    • If SAFR Server, enter the IP Address of SAFR Server and the credentials for the SAFR Account.

SAFR SCAN Hardware Setup

Mounting Bracket
A diagram of a device with text and numbers

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Rear Panel

A close-up of a computer port

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  1. Remove mounting bracket from SAFR SCAN SC50 housing by unscrewing the two screws at bottom of housing using a 2mm hex wrench.
  2. Attach mounting bracket to mullion or wall using 2 pre-drilled countersunk screw holes. Ensure threaded tabs (B) at bottom.
  3. Hook SAFR SCAN housing to the hooked tab (A) and slide scan housing up until contacting threaded tabs (B).
  4. Secure SAFR SCAN to mounting bracket with two screws using #1 Phillips screwdriver.

Tools Needed

  • #1 Phillips screwdriver (SAFR SCAN device to Mounting Plate screws).

  • Reset Button: Hold button for 10 seconds while device powered to reset device to factory defaults.
  • OSDP Termination Switch: Set to On (right) on furthest reader if multiple readers on bus. Default is Off (left) .
  • Relay: NC/NO 120 VAC / 24 VDC max, 1 Amp max. twisted pair, 18 AWG.
  • OSDP/Wiegand/TTL: 22 AWG shielded twisted pair, 4000 feet (1200 m) maximum.
  • Aux Power: 10 VDC@1 Amp/30 VDC@0.3 Amp (10W). Twisted pair 18 AWG.

Connecting POE Network Connector Box assembly (Part # SFR-SC10-L only)






If powering over 2-Wire

  1. Connect 9 to 30 volt to the 12VDC+ and 12VDC- wires taking care not to reverse polarity.

If powering over Ethernet

  1. Connect male 22 pin terminal block (D) of wiring harness to female connector on back of SC50.
  2. Connect voltage negotiation (B) to wiring bundle USB-C Adapter (B). Ensure side labeled “To SAFR SCAN” is on wiring harness side (not ethernet adapter A). Optionally include USB-C extension €.
  3. Use short USB-C cable to connect voltage negotiator (B) to USB-C to POE adapter (A).

Wiring Diagram

A diagram of a wiring diagram

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⚠️ ALWAYS include Ground wire (Unlike card or PIN-only readers, scan is not powered from panel and thus requires a shared ground with panel or Wiegand/OSDP signals may not be interpreted correctly).

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