1 Package Contents





Wedge Mount Housing



Gaskets (Not included. Use gaskets shipped with SC100/SC200)



SAFR SCAN Mounting Bracket (Not included. Use bracket shipped with SC100/SC200)



#6-32 ¾” Screws (Included)


  • Rubber Gaskets (#2) and mounting bracket (#3) are not included. These ship with SC100 and SC200 and are shown above for demonstration purposes to show how all parts are assembled.

Not Included

  • The kit does not include #6-32 machine screws for mounting the Wedge Mount to a 2 or 4-Gang junction box. Installer will need to supply 4 #6-32 machine screws at least 1 inch in length.

Tools Required

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver (for removal)

2 Installation Height and Angle

A key factor in optimal performance for SAFR SCAN is the mounting height and angle. Mounting angle refers to the orientation of the camera. The ideal performance is achieved when the subject is directly in line of the camera which is located on the front face of SAFR SCAN.

SAFR SCAN should be installed at a height of 46 to 58 inches (115 to 150cm) to the center of the device. Device should be placed with following considerations:

  • As much as possible, place device so line of sight of camera is in line with foot traffic approaching the door.
  • When possible, place device so that subject is 3 feet (1 meter) away and in line of sight of the camera when their hand is placed on the door and ready for entry.
  • When necessary, line of sight of the camera should be away from bright light sources such as large outdoor windows or bright light sources.
  • Mounting with vertical angle (Wedge Mount angled up), this results in recognition working best when subject’s face is in line with the vertical angle of the device face. Subjects may tend to get too close to the reader causing poor recognition performance. Therefore, it is not recommended to mount the device with wedge angled up.

Ideal mounting height is 55 inches (140cm) to the center of the device. At this height SAFR is able to work for subjects as low as 2 feet (1m) and as high as 8 feet (2.5m) at a distance of 4 feet from the reader. The following diagram demonstrates the range with SCAN mounted at 55 inches.

A diagram of a person in a wheelchair

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3 Installation

3.1 Installing SAFR SCAN with Wedge Mount

3.1.1 Site Preparation

SAFR SCAN Flush Mount is intended to be mounted to a standard 2 or 4-gang junction box. Junction box should be mounted according to building specifications with face of junction box flush to the wall outer surface. For outdoor, a weatherproof junction box must be used.

Junction box should not be recessed into the wall or the set screws that hold SCAN to the mounting bracket will be inaccessible.

Please refer to above for mounting height and angle.

3.1.2 Installation Steps

  1. Mount junction box to stud or suitable surface.
  2. Mount Wedge Mount to Junction box with 4 #6-32 screws or at least 1” in length (not included with kit) through Junction Box Mounting Holes (B).

A close-up of a grey box

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A square white box with blue and yellow circles

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Multi-direction Wedge Mount may be rotated 90°, 180°, 270° to achieve different angles. As described above, vertical angles are not recommended.

  1. SAFR SCAN Mounting Bracket is then attached to the Wedge Mount using the included #6-32 ¾” machine screws through Wedge Mount mounting holes (A).

Mounting Bracket (included with SC100/SC200)

Wedge Mount and Mounting Bracket Assembly

A white rectangular object with black and white text

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A diagram of a machine parts

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Mounting bracket should be oriented with the flange hooks on the top as shown. Threaded holes exist for all possible rotations.

3.1.3 Attach SAFR SCAN to Mounting Bracket

  1. Align SAFR SCAN reader onto Mounting Bracket so that rectangular cutouts at top of SCAN housing are aligned with metal flange hooks at top of Mounting Bracket. Push SAFR SCAN housing flush onto the Mounting Bracket.
  2. Slide SAFR SCAN housing upwards until the housing presses firmly against the metal flang hooks.
  3. Hold SAFR SCAN in place while fastening to Mounting Plate threaded tabs (C) with included screws using the included 2mm hex wrench. Screws are inserted from bottom of the scan housing.

A hand holding a screwdriver

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The back of a computer

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3.2 Wedge Mount Dimensions

Following are provided if Wedge Mount must be adapted to a surface other than a standard junction box.

Front View

Top View

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A drawing of a straight line

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