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Flush Mount Housing



Flush Mount Wall Plate



Toggle Bolts



Toggle bolt wing nut


Tools Required

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver (for removal)
  • Drill with 3/8” drill bit (to drill holes for toggle bolts)
  • Suitable tool for creating wall cutout

Site Preparation

SAFR SCAN Flush Mount is installed by creating a cutout in the surface it is being installed upon. Any material of any thickness is supported but surfaces thicker than 1.5 inches will require longer toggle bolts.

Device should be mounted at 55 inch (140 cm) height and as much as possible in line with the direction of travel. See SAFR SCAN Flush Mount Installation Guide for details on recommended installation height. Once the height and location is selected the cutout should be created according to the following diagram.

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Create an opening 4.8 inches square as shown. You can use the Wall Plate as a template and draw a line on the inside of the Wall Plate. Rounded corners are recommended but not required but will improve mounting strength. Notches must be cut into the opening at indicated locations in order to allow clips to expand and secure the unit to the wall plate. See wall plate for notch locations. Two small notches must be made at the top and one larger notch at the bottom.

Install Flush Mount

Mount Wall Plate

Secure the wall plate to the wall as described below.

  1. Place the wall plate around the opening and mark the 4 holes at the corners of the wall plate.
    1. The two small notches should be on top.
  2. Remove wall plate and drill a 5/32" (4mm) hole at each of the 4 marked locations.
  3. Replace wall plate and use the 4 included toggle bolts to attach the wall plate to the wall.
    1. Use the opening to hold the toggle nut and attach to the bolt.
    2. Once all toggle bolts are secured, tighten.

Attach Flush Mount Housing to SAFR SCAN

  1. Remove existing mounting bracket from back of SAFR SCAN.
    1. Use a 2 mm hex wrench to remove the #4-40 set screws from the bottom of the bracket.
    2. Keep the two screws to use in attaching flush mount housing.
    3. Remove the Mounting Bracket from SAFR SCAN.
  2. Place the Flush Mount housing over the back of SAFR SCAN.
    1. Orient the Flush Mount so the two threaded tabs are on the bottom.
  3. Slide the Flush Mount housing down.
    1. You should feel the Flush Mount housing "snap" into place.
  4. Secure the Flush Mount to SAFR SCAN using the two screws at the bottom of the Flush Mount.

Attach SAFR SCAN to Wall Plate

  1. Ensure the two small tabs are at top.
  2. Slide the assembly into the opening.
  3. Press the bottom until you hear a click.
  4. Press the top until you hear a second click.
  5. Pull the top and bottom to ensure the clips have seated into the notches.

Remove Flush Mount

To remove SAFR SCAN from the Flush Mount, use a flat head screwdriver and press into the opening at the bottom of the wall bracket. This will release the lower clip. As you press, pull the bottom of the SAFR SCAN out until it is released from the clip. Continue to pull the lower side until top clips are released as well.


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