Legacy access control systems traditionally employ the use of keycards, badges, key fobs, and other physical credentials as their primary meth-od of identity authentication. These physical credentials are the legacy standard for access control, but can all be easily lost, stolen or replicat-ed, which compromises overall security and increases operational costs. Even more sophisticated forms of authentication such as passwords, mobiledevices,and otherbiometric identifiers have drawbacks. Facial recognition has been widely proven to be the superior mode of identity authentication and no one does facial recognition better than SAFR


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SAFRSCAN = $1,799

Wiring and installation = $200

Smart security camera cost = $800 Wire and installation = $400

Door Controller = $700 Speaker and mic = $500 Badge reader = $350

Badges for 50 people = $150


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The application of facial recognition biometrics has only grown in recent years. Used every day from unlocking our phones to expedited security lines at airports, the widespread adoption of facial recognitiontechnologyistestimonyto itsefficiencyand effectiveness.But despiteitssuccess, preconceived notions surrounding the use of facial recognition and personal privacy still exists.

SAFR SCAN actually helps ensure personal privacy and addresses a variety of biometric misconceptions.

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SAFRSCAN does not store any visual images of individuals’ faces. This helps ensure that individuals identities are protected and avoids any liability issues related to new and emerging privacy protection mandates.

Facial Recognition Is a Threat to Personal Privacy


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SAFR SCAN incorporates the latest encryption methods to protect data from security risks. Again, because no images of faces are stored in the SAFRSCAN system, the biometric data stored is unique to SAFRsystems and therefore useless outside of the system.

If My Facial Data is Stolen, Hackers Can Track Me

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SAFR SCAN is an opt-in solution, meaning the system will recognize only users known to the systemor posted on verified watch lists.If individualusers have personal privacy concerns there are other methods of identity authentication, like PIN codes or keycards, SAFR SCAN can employ to verify access.

Facial Recognition Is Used Unethically

to Track People


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The SAFR SCAN platform, which is built on machine learning, reduces bias significantlywith an algorithmthat istrained with a globally diverse set of faces. SAFR underwent rigorous testing by the National Institute of Standards and

Technology (NIST)where itwas compared against other top algorithms,specifically for signs of bias. SAFR showed the lowest bias compared to the other 103 models tested, measured least likelytoreturn a false match based on any specific facialfeature or face

type, and tested with an accuracy rate of 99.87% for all demographic groups.

Facial Recognition Systems are Biased



While banks are generally open to all, some spaces still require safeguarding such as executive offices and cashstoragerooms. Cut down on employee theft and manage access to these areas with SAFRSCAN. Allow customers to use ATM without having to insert a card or credentials. With SAFR SCAN employees and customers will have a seamless experience while in the workplace and when

making financial transactions.

Smash-and-grab thefts are on the rise and overhead cameras are ineffective when it comes to providingidentifiableimages for legal recourse. SAFRSCANoffers video at the door for easy identificationof perpe-trators at eye level. Luxury retailers can provide a one-of-a-kind, high-end shopping experience by integrating SAFR SCAN with a watchlist of known VIPs. You’ll receive an alert as soon as they are on premises and they will be granted instant access, evoking

a feeling of exclusivity.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, realtors, insurance agents, and other industry professionals all require closed door offices for private appointments and consultations. Similarly, these profession-als are charged with the safekeeping of valuable personal information. Protect visitors, employees, and assets within an office space usingSAFRSCANfor access control. Visitors can self-enroll prior to their appointment or via a convenient

kiosk for fast check-in and secure entry.

Professional OfficesRetail StoresBanks

Cannabis Growers and Retailers


Multitenant Residential

Data Centers

Traditional multitenant buildings often man-age access using doormen, security guards, physical access credentials or old-fashioned keys. These legacy forms of access are costly with long-term expenses and many shortfalls. SAFR SCAN provides highly accurate identity authentication which increases security with detailed access logs for other applications such

as workforce management.

SAFR SCAN provides unmatched access protections and the utmost levels of security for both internal and freestand-ing data centers. SAFR SCAN’s security features, such as itsanti-spoofing and anti-tailgating capabilities, ensure those accessing valuable data storage centers

are who they claim to be.

housing both product and cash.

Corporate Campus

Large corporate campuses contain a number of areas, buildings, and rooms that can make use of SAFR SCAN’s abilities. Maintain social distancing in shared spaces such as cafeterias and meeting rooms using SAFR SCAN’s people counting capabilities.

Keep track of employee hours and absences using time and attendance functions from SAFR SCAN. Best of all, SAFR SCAN works both indoors and out for applications across large corporate campuses.

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Government facilities require the utmost level of security and protection. SAFR SCAN is made in the USA and is TAA and NDAA compliant. SAFR SCAN integrates with watchlists of known criminals or terrorists

for an added layers of protection in

Universities can turn to SAFRSCAN for a safe and effective Personal Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solution. SAFR SCAN’s higher education uses range widely to cover student housing access, class attendance

auditing, cafeteria access, and even muster-

ing reports. Students love that they do notgovernment facilities. need to carry a credential and administrators

love SAFR SCAN’s easy integration into existing access systems. It’s a highly cost-ef-fective and accurate solution for numerous

campus applications.

areas such as drug storage rooms and operating rooms. SAFR SCAN reduces touch surfaces to help prevent spread of infections, promotes social distancing via fast throughput, and grants/denies access even when users are not wearing masks in

areas they are required.

Assisted Living Facilities

Personnel at assisted living facilities are tasked with not only keeping unauthorized users out but alsokeeping residentsintoeffectively stopresident elopement. SAFRSCANworks in a variety of conditions and can be installed either indoors or out with the same high levels of performance. SAFR SCAN also makes a great access control solution for individuals’ resident doors, eliminating the need for physical credentials or keys that can be easily lost, stolen or misplaced.



SAFR’s facial recognition technology is 99.9% accurate, ensuring the right people are provided with the right access

■Eliminate costly security cameras and the associated installation and licensing costs by using SAFR SCAN as a surveillance camera at the door

All SAFR SCAN data is secured and encrypted. No facial images are recorded or stored anywhere within the system for further personal privacy protections

■Small to medium business have historically been priced out of accurate, fast racial recognition technolgy. Competitively priced to meet the needs of any sized business

The system issues real-time alerts anytime tailgating

is detected or unauthorized individuals attempt access, allowing security teams to act fast

■The use of face as a credential eliminates the need for conventional physical credentials and the costs associated with maintaining and administering them

■Can be installed using a single Ethernet cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE), keeping install costs low


SAFR SCAN operates with precision both indoors and outdoors and in a variety of harsh weather conditions


■Low-light or bright-lightconditions do not affect SAFRSCAN’s ability to perform without bias

■Users can self-enroll on the device or by using the mobile app for fast access approval or administrators can enroll users via desktop software

■Enable multi-factor authentication with the inclusion of access cards and PIN credentials for highly secure environments

Quick database imports eliminate the need for re-enrollments

■Users can opt-in or opt-out at the device, giving users complete control of their access



■Integrate with existing video management software to augment surveillance or replace existing security cameras

■Wiegand or OSDP compatible for easy integration into existing access control systems and can be deployed using leading access control software with enhanced system communications

SAFR SCAN integrates with various watchlists of known people, matching up to 20,000 identities

■Advanced analytics, such as people counting and persons of interest, further enhance capabilities and use cases

■Can be installed with existing systems using existing data bases, often with out the need to re-enroll individuals’data

■Anti-spoofing technology employs 3D structured light and RGB to ensure the liveliness of the individual being


■A self-contained POE unit,designed to be plug-and-play

sized business


Made in the USA