This article explains how to set up monitoring on SAFR Server to alert if any error conditions that may be preventing proper operation occur in video processing.

Go to Advanced Processor Configuration as follows:


Click “+” next to the Monitoring section



Multi-select the following and click Add (defaults are fine for others):


These will be added to the Advanced Processor Config.  Edit as follows:



  • I disable GPU processor alarm because it ok to allow GPU to hit 100% and otherwise might get to noisy.
  • You will know from the Feed Error (i.e. feed detects issue with camera input) and Delinquent Feed (i.e. feed is not responsive to server) conditions if there is a problem.
  • Make sure to set “alarm-enabled’ attribute to True


Click Apply at bottom of window. 


Set up Email SMTP target as follows:


Go to Tools > System Configuration

Check “Set up SMPT Email Service” as follows:


Fill out the dialog and click apply.


If all goes well you will see the green text to show success. Else it will show error. Our 

There is a bit more help on setting up SMTP in online docs here:

Note that it cannot be a 2FA account – we don’t support that.  Thus you need to set up a one time passcode with whatever service you are using if they are 2FA enabled.


To test it out, turn a camera off.  You should see the feed go into error status and then an email should be sent.  Or possibly disable the GPU from the devices control panel (you might need to re-start safr if you after re-enabling GPU).