NVidia released a new line of cards known as the Ampere series. These cards have improved CUDA performance. With SAFR we have seen about a 20 to 30% improvement in feeds processed with this new lines of cards.

  • RTX 3000 Series cards
    • These cards offer about a 30% improvement over previous generation 2000 series cards.  These are consumer class card sand are not authorized by Nvidia for use in a data center.  Further, they are quite power hungry and take up double wide full length slots.
  • A16
    • Really good for decoding.  A16 has 4 GPUs in one card.  Double width.  250W.
    • Our App will see 4 independent GPUs, each with 16 GB mem
  • A10 uses 150W of power
    • A2 only uses 60 W of power and like the T4 gets power from PCI buss (thus takes advantage of redundant power supplies)  
    • All other A-series cards requires power off power supply so if power supply fails the card goes out.
    • A10 is similar to T4.  Same form factor.  60W.  Slightly lower than T4 for some workloads. Equiv of better for video