Extract the andorid device log using following instructions:
In short,
  1. If you don't have Android Studio in your host PC, install "adb" (Android Debug Bridge) from here:
  2. Enable Developer mode on the Android device.
    Connect your Android device and Windows PC with USB cable. Allow “USB Debug” on Android device.
    Settings → Developer options → USB debugging : ON
    Open cmd.exe or Windows Terminal, and execute following command.
    adb logcat -t 'mm-dd HH:MM:SS.sss' > output.log
    The Android device will ask you the permission for USB debug. Choose "Allow".
    Then the command copy the log to the file you specified.
    With -t option, adb will print the log AFTER the specified timestamp 'mm-dd HH:MM:SS.sss'.
    For example: adb logcat -t ‘12-24 10:00:00.000’ > device.log
    This command print logs after 12/24 10:00.

  3. After extracting log, stop adb.
    adb kill-server
  4. Diconnect the Android device from USB.