Event Export (SAFR Desktop Windows)

  • Export events based upon current filter
  • Export Formats
    • Excel - Generates Excel file with event data and images embedded in 1st and 2nd rows
    • CSV - Generates CSV file with event data and a folder containing images

Video Feeds Window improvements

  • Enable property multi-select in Select Property dialog of Edit Feed/Processor Configurationdialog:
  • In Edit Processor Configuration dialog, allow value of Processor ID (displayed at the top) to be selected and copied to clipboard.

  • In Edit Processor Configuration and Edit Feed Configuration dialogs, make partition between attribute names and values easier to find and use.

  • Add “+ Add” button to  Edit Feed Configuration dialog in the upper right.

  • In Video Feeds dialog, adjust color of LOADING and PREROLLING status text to amber.

  • Add Enable Feeds and Disable Feeds to global Video Feeds menu

  • Add Select All Feeds and Unselect All Feeds to global Video Feeds menu

  • Add “Add Feed…” to processor menu

  • Add “Add  Feed…” to  global Video Feeds menu

  • Add Copy to new feed and Move to different processor to feed menu

Support for NVIDIA's next generation supercharged GPUs on Linux

  • 30xx Series NVIDIA Cards (3070, 3080, 3090)
  • NVIDIA Ampere Series Cards (A10, A300, RTX A4000 and more)

Operator Console improvements

  • Operator Console will offer pause button to suspend visual updated of the incoming events
  • Operator Console Recent activity and Matched Notifications tile menus will offer an additional “View person activity” menu item for recognized events (events with person id).