rootPersonId is added by Identity Sync and refers to the identity on origin server. mergeWith is used to refer to parent of merged face identities.

mergedWith indicates the record is a child of another record.

  • The parent record will have hasMergedPeople=true

rootPersonId indicates the person ID on an origin server that a record was sync’ed from

  • You will always see this on destination sync servers
  • This parameter will also be added on origin server when record created without image (i.e. thru "Add" button i Person window)
  • If rootPersonId is not present, then it is equal to the personId

Absence of rootPersonId is not unusual.
  • When absent, rootPersonId is assumed to have the same value as personId of the root person record.
  • When rootPersonId is present in a record, all records merged with it will have it.
  • To omit duplicates (child records), any person record with mergedWith property should be omitted.

Note about events and rootPersonId: Every event that matches a person has rootPersonId which is unique id per identity (not face) and can be easily used to identify unique individuals.