This article explains how to upgrade SAFR Cluster servers with newer versions of SAFR Platform.

SAFR Platform doesn't support mixed version environment. You should not run SAFR Cluster of multiple version SAFR Platform servers.

To upgrade SAFR Cluster to new SAFR Platform version, follow the steps below.

  1. Verify your mongo primary is running on the SAFR Primary.
  2. Configure your external load balancer to block all traffic to the SAFR Cluster.
  3. Upgrade SAFR Primary server.
  4. Configure the LB to allow traffic to the SAFR Primary server.
  5. Upgrade a SAFR Secondary server.
  6. Configure the LB to allow traffic to the upgraded servers (Primary + Secondary)
  7. Report 5,6 for all remaining SAFR Platform servers in the cluster.

Your service need a maintenance windows from step 2 to step 4.

During the upgrade process, the cluster's service capacity will be decreased to the number of upgraded servers.

You should not reconfigure LB to accept traffic until you will have enough number of upgraded servers.