SAFR Server license is acquired by signing into the server with a SAFR License Account.  If the license associated with that SAFR Account is not already acquired by another machine, then SAFR Platform will acquire the license.  From that point on the Server is configured with the license and the associated credentials.

SAFR Server does not support ability to change the license to which it is bound. The following process must be followed in order to change the license for SAFR Server

  1. Uninstall SAFR Server
    1. Server and all data must be completely uninstalled
    2. See below if event or identity data must be migrated to the new account
  2. Sign out of all clients that are connected to the SAFR Server
    • This includes any clients making REST API calls to SAFR server
  3. Install SAFR Server onto the same machine
  4. Sign into SAFR Server with the new account

Warning (!) If any client attemps to log in with old credentials to the newly installed SAFR Server before the signing in with the new account, then SAFR Server will again be locked to old account.  If this happens ensure all clients are shut down and perform the process again.

At this point SAFR Server will be bound to new account and will acquire the associated license.

Migrating data

Event and identities data may be migrated using a 3rd account as follows:

  1. Before Uninstalling SAFR Server with original account
    1. Install SAFR Server on a 3rd machine using a different SAFR Account or obtain a third SAFR Cloud account
    2. Configure event and identity sync to the 3rd account server
    3. Ensure the sync is complete
  2. Proceed with uninstalling and re-installing SAFR Server as described above
  3. Configure SAFR Server with new account to sync identities and events from the 3rd account