This article explains information about your SAFR Hekpdesk account

Each partner or customer being supported by the SAFR pre and post-sales engineering team has access to the SAFR Helpdesk which provides following functionality:

  • Access product documentation
  • Knowledge Base to help answer questions about SAFR
  • Email or Web-based Ticketing system to ask questions / get answers
  • Ability to check ticket status for open tickets in your account

To report an issue or as a question, use our ticketing system.  See below for how to submit a ticket.

Setting up a Helpdesk Account

To create a helpdesk account, send email to from your company email address (must be a registered partner/reseller) and request a new account and any details you think may help.

You will receive and activation email after the request has been reviewed by an agent.  Activation email will allow you to set your password to access the web portal.

How to submit tickets

  • Before opening ticket, review documentation at and to ensure problem is not already documented.
  • Open a ticket in one of two ways:
    • Send Email to
      • This is automatically turned into a ticket and all response to the ticket will go to the same email.
      • Add any number of people to the cc list and the will be updated about responses until removed from the cc list.
    • Fill out the ticket form at
      • You will receive an email confirming the ticket and receive notification by email for any updates.
      • You can add details to the ticket at any time through the web form or by replying to the email.
  • Ensure your report follows the support guidelines as follows:
    • Reports should include the following:
      • Clear description of the problem
      • Information on how to reproduce the problem
      • The product names and versions that were used
    • Reseller should always attempt to reproduce an issue to ensure that information provided to RealNetworks will allow the same.  Problems submitted that cannot easily be reproduced will slow the resolution or make it impossible to address.
    • Report one issue per ticket.  Do not use old tickets to report new issues.
  • Check ticket status by going to
  • Any update to the ticket can be made via the web portal or by responding to the email thread for that topics.

Submitted tickets are routed to the Technical Contact in charge of your account.  If primary contacts are unavailable, request will be routed to a backup contact so that tickets do not go unanswered.

About Helpdesk Accounts

For each partner/reseller, there will be an account.  The account can have one or more contacts.  A contact ay be a technical or business contact.

SAFR Helpdesk allows for following:

  • Multiple contacts from a single account can have helpdesk access
  • Tickets created under an account are visible by all contacts in that account
  • Contacts within an account can be activated or deactivated any time (do this via a support ticket)
  • When submitting a request, you can add others in your account as ticket cc – all persons set as cc on a ticket will get notification of all updates

If you have any questions about our support portal, please send them to