If you are getting errors with feeds when connecting or getting disconnected after some time, there are a few ways to identify what the possible root cause may be.

First, you should check the "More..." button in the VIdeo Feeds window. Often this will display the error message that prevented playback.  If this error does not sufficiently clarify the issue, try some of the suggestions below.

On Linux, set up debug logging with VIRGO by running the following commands:

docker exec -it safr_virgo bash
./virgo service log d/feed d/cop-http > virgo.log

Let the feed run until you see the error and review log.  It will help if you have only the one problem feed running.

If nothing is obvious from the log, please request support from RealNetworks and provide the log as part of the problem report.


Also, it might be worth creating a separate independent test using ffmpeg and the following command:


ffmpeg -i ‘rtsp://admin:KPVUHM@’ -c copy -reset_timestamps 1 -map 0 -f segment -segment_time 1 -segment_format mp4 ‘recording-%03d.mp4’

If the error does reproduce in ffmpeg, the verbose log output from ffmpeg may provide useful insight into the error.