General Use Cases

Several major use cases for the SAFR SDK, SAFR Embedded SDK, and SAFR REST APIs are described below.

Use CaseSDKScenarioExample
Fast Food Restaurant
SAFR SDKCloud-based recognition across multiple locations.Fast food restaurant kiosk. User is recognized and is allowed to save their preferences upon recognition if not already known. User identity is stored in the cloud so the user will be recognized at any location.
Luxury CarsSAFR Embedded SDK

Local detection + recognition (no tracking)

AI-enhanced vehicle that recognizes occupant of vehicle and adjusts preferences to that occupant. Occupant identities are stored in a local database.
Home SecuritySAFR Embedded SDKLocal detection + recognition w/video trackingSimilar to the Luxury Cars use Case, but assumes that there's a requirement to continuously track individuals as well as track multiple individuals. Developer implements tracking by continuously performing face detection and recognition when new faces appear.
Course Pre-RegistrationSAFR REST APIsImage-based Recognition (add identity)Web-based application that allows user to upload photo or take a selfie from the device camera. When submitted, user is pre-registered to speed up in-person check-in.
User Directory IntegrationSAFR REST APIsImage-based recognition (add or update identity)Windows service that pulls user records from the enterprise Radius service and adds or update all records in SAFR Identity DB from data pulled from Radius service.

Specialized Use Cases 

Several more specialized use cases for the SDK and REST APIs are described below.

Use CaseScenarioRecommendationExample
Fast Food Restaurant with Identity ManagementCloud-based recognition + Identity ManagementSAFR SDK + REST APIsExtending the Fast Food Restaurant use case above, the restaurant would like to allow a user to edit their user profile. This offer a screen that allows the user to set name. In keeping with PII regulations, user can also delete their identity through this interface.
Conf Room CameraFace Tracking Only - No recognition neededSAFR SDK in detection mode (disable recognition)RTI - 360° camera splitting panoramic video into 4:3 taking heads
Ad PlacementCloud-based anonymous recognition of age and genderSAFR SDK (Detection, recognition off-device w/demographics)Alefedge - Liosk in Macy's that will perform recognition to collect age and gender and use that information to place an ad on the screen.
Hybrid Offline/Online Ad PlacementCloud-based recognition of age/gender and identity + Local TrackingSAFR REST APIs (recognition w/age/gender/identity) + SAFR Embedded SDK (local tracking)Surf - Ads on tablet placed on back of seat in Uber and Lyft in order to track Ad Impressions and report. 
  • Detect when someone enters car, trigger ads, rotate ads for duration of occupant, report on impressions. 
  • Continuously call face recognition on local DB. 
  • If not recognized, perform recognition to cloud using REST APIs. 
  • Store the recognized face to local Embedded DB and use that for tracking locally to report ad impressions.
Hybrid Offline/Online with SAFR SDKLike above but use SAFR SDK with video for detection for an interactive user experience.SAFR SDK (Detection local, recognition off-device)
SAFR Embedded SDK (Detection and recognition)
Hubzu Real Estate - One time authorization against cloud and local from then on
  • Mobile device that may not always be connected to network but requires 24x7 face detection or recognition
  • Run SAFR SDK while online.  Upon initial recognition, store identity into Embedded SDK running locally
  • Either perform all subsequent recognitions against local Embedded SDK or only if offline
VMS Inrtegration - LinuxLinux-based VMS integrationSAFR SDK (Detection, Recognition, Events)

ABP Tech - Linux-based VMS

  • Use SAFR Plugin SDK to integrate basic VMS functions: Overlays, Event Triggering, Bookmarks