SAFR can report when subjects are looking directly at the camera, as well as how long they look at it. This can be useful for marketing and advertising applications. 

SAFR uses center pose quality to evaluate subjects' direct gaze. A subject who is looking directly at the camera has a direct gaze of 1.0. As the subject looks away from the camera in any direction the value of center pose reduces.  A value of 0.7 or greater generally means the subject’s gaze is within 10° of looking directly at the camera. The measure of direct gaze duration can be controlled through the Minimum required center pose quality -> For direct gaze duration setting in the Recognition Preferences menu within the SAFR Desktop Client.  Decreasing this value will generally increase the percent time a subject is deemed to have direct gaze. In addition, gaze duration can be updated in real time by enabling the Update in-progress event attributes setting in the Event Preferences menu within the SAFR Desktop client 

Gaze duration is also reported by the SDK and Event Service REST APIs.  Information about the SDK is available here: Information about SAFR REST APIs can be found here: