SAFR tracks and reports the center pose, pitch, roll, and yaw of faces, indicating the direction users are looking. This is useful in situations that require attention tracking, such as digital signage advertising.


Center pose is a measure of how directly someone is looking at the camera. This metric is useful in digital signage and when identifying the highest quality image for registration. A perfect center pose value would be "1", which indicates that the face is looking directly at the camera. When the face is turned away from the camera in any direction, the decreases, with "0" being the worst possible center pose value.

Pitch (up or down), roll (head tilted left or right), and yaw (head looking left or right) report the angle of the face relative to the camera.

The center pose, pitch, roll, and yaw is reported in the SAFR Desktop Client and in the Video Feeds Video preview by enabling the “Recognition Details” view. The screenshot below shows these values reported as Q (center pose), Y (yaw), P (pitch), and R (roll).


Center pose, pitch, roll, and yaaw are also reported by the SDK and by the Event Service REST APIs. More information on the SDK is available here: Information about SAFR REST APIs can be found here: