There are several options on how to handle scene changes: 

  • Setting ReconfirmIdentityOnSceneChange = true will automatically force re-recognition of tracked face across video key frames, which are aligned to scene changes. Identity will be switched if a new identity is recognized. Otherwise, the prior identity will be kept.
  • Setting RemoveIdentityOnFailedRecognition = true will automatically remove previously detected identities from tracked objects if the re-recognition fails. Re-recognition occurs on every key frame (possible scene changes) when ReconfirmIdentityOnSceneChange = true and is also configurable by time between re-recognitions via MinWaitTimeForIdentityReconfirmation.
  • You can set Detector.Face.SaveSceneThumbnail = true to receive scene thumbnails with every tracked object change and implement your own scene change detection based on image analysis. If a scene change is detected, ResetTracking can be called to throw away all tracked objects and start tracking again from scratch.