The short answer is yes.  Its always recommended to re-run the installer when adding or removing a GPU or changing GPUs between CUDA 10 and CUDA 11 generations. 

Follow these practices when making changes to GPU:

  • Always download and run correct installer for your GPU generation (CUDA 10 vs. CUDA 11)
  • On Linux, always rerun the installer when you change the GPU
  • On Windows Server it depends upon if you have SAFR Server or SAFR Desktop only installed:
    • For SAFR Server, rerun the installer when you change the GPU
    • For SAFR Desktop (not including Server) you do not need to rerun the installer.


HTFS (Server) needs a reinstall to take advantage of the GPU,  But SAFR Client & Virgo will rebulid models if new GPU detected or fall back to CPU only if GPU is removed.


If you change or add a GPU, you will need to rerun the installer to get full benefit from Linux Virgo (SAFR Video Gateway or Virgo) and HTFS (Server) once the GPU and drivers have been installed, as well as when you remove the GPU.  Virgo on Linux runs under Docker which in turn runs with the NVidia container runtime when installed on a GPU system, so this will need to be setup again once you’ve removed the GPU.