Connections between IP cameras and SAFR clients/VIRGO

This connection must carry video from the IP camera so can consume high bandwidth.  The ammount o bandwidth depends upon your camera video stream settings.  For 4k 15 FPS video, this can take as much as 15Mbps.  2 MP (HD) 15 FPS video can take as much as 5 Mbps.

Connections between SAFR Server(s) and SAFR clients/VIRGO

Each face takes approximately 15kb in size so as you indicate, that is 120 kilobits.  

When face first appears, there are a max of 3 recognition attempts.  Then 1 recognition attempt every second.  So I would assume the for each face there is only 120 kilobits per second.

There is other traffic such as events.  A single face may result in multiple events.  There is no fixed rule for how often an event is created.  Typically its about 2 or 3 per appearance but if face tracking is lost more events are generated.

There is also traffic between each video feed and safr server which will be about 1 or 2 kb (8-16 kilobits) every 200 milliseconds.  This can be controlled by teh status interval in global settings under Advanced Processor properties.