Note: The overlay colors only appear for certain Visual Processing Modes.

    • Gray color (Unrecognizable) - The face does not meet minimum quality values and thus recognition cannot be attempted. Alternately, the response from the SAFR Server for an attempted recognition may not have arrived at the SAFR client yet. .
    • Purple color (Stranger) - The face met sufficient quality for recognition but was not recognized and did not meet the minimum quality to be learned.
    • Yellow (Just Learned) - The face was just learned (i.e. it's now recorded in the Identity Database).
    • Blue (Stranger) - The face was recognized as matching one already in the Identity Database. It's blue rather than green because it has no assigned name.
    • Green (Known Identity) -  Registered person (i.e. the face was already recorded in the Identity Database) with a name.. 
    • Red (Threat) - Registered face that has been tagged as a threat.
    • Yellow (Concern) - Registered face that has been tagged as a concern.   
      • This is a slightly darker shade of yellow than "Just learned", but it's easily distinguished because the "Just learned" status is only shown for 1 second. If the color remains yellow for more than 1 second, then the person has been tagged as a concern.