Yes, you can tune them by using the Identity Matching Threshold setting. In general, the true positive rate can be increased by increasing the Identity Recognition Threshold: Proximity Threshold Allowance.  Here are the suggested settings:

  • 0 - Exact match down to 100% confidence with 1/1Million false match
  • 0.13 - Close match down to 93.6% confidence with 1/100k false match
  • 0.26 - Similar match down to 87.7% confidence with 1/10k false match
  • 0.36 - Loose match down to 83.4% confidence

Increasing these values increase the rate of misidentification. Errors will be more pronounced if images are small and have artifacts. By reducing the threshold from 0.54 to 0.48, the False Positive Rate (FPR) is expected to reduce 9x along with the True Positive Rate (TPR) declining by about 0.048x.