Faces can be imported from a video file.  This is done by putting SAFR in the correct mode and processing a video file. Following is how to perform this action:

  1. Go to: File -> open and select a video file (.mp4)  to import faces from.
  2. Set mode to "Import" and click Play

Faces will be imported as the video plays.

Dependent on the quality of the video and size of the faces one might need to tweak the configuration preferences to result in more faces being imported.  This is done by reducing the requirements to import/learn  faces. Please note that reducing the requirements will increase the number of faces being imported but it will also mean that the quality of the face image and associated biometric will be reduced and potentially increase the false positive face recognition. With that in mind the following options can be modified as needed for face learning/strangers in Import mode.

Preferences -> Recognition ( Mode = Import)

  • Minimum required face size.
    • For Learning/Strangers:  reduce the value but ideally don’t go below 120.
  • Minimum required center pose quality.
    • For learning / strangers: around .30 should work
  • Minimum required face sharpness quality.
    • For learning / strangers: 0.45  is recommended. It is important to have good sharp face images especially if the other parameters are reduced.  
  • Minimum required face contrast quality.
    • For learning/strangers: 0.45 is recommended. Again, It is important to have good quality images especially if the other parameters are reduced