This page contains some helpful tips when running the SAFR Milestone integration.

How to Embed the SAFR Web Console

Create a 2x1 smart wall layout by doing the following:

  1. Open the XProtect Management Client.
  2. Go to Smart Wall.
  3. Add a new smart wall.
  4. Add a new preset inside the smart wall. (Click on the smart wall, click on the "Presets" tab at bottom, and then add the desired preset.)
  5. Add a new monitor within the smart wall. (i.e. Right click on the smart wall.)
  6. Inside the smart wall pick the preset. Then click Edit to the right of the preset dropdown.
  7. In the edit preset, pick a layout.
  8.  Save all.
  9. Click on the smart wall and click the "Activate" button on the right.
  10. Open the XProtect Smart Client.
  11. Go to setup mode.
  12. Drag the html page from the left into the panel.

Export Video with Overlays

Most exported media files (such as avi) do not have the overlays. However, if you choose the XProtect format when exporting, overlays are included and will render in the XProtect Smart Client Player. Running either the "Smart-Client Player" or the "Exported Project.scp" file in "Client files" will render the exported overlays over the videos.

Customizing the Milestone Overlays

Milestone overlay information cannot be customized. The only information it shows is name (if known) and the color for person type (stranger, named, threat, etc.).

What SAFR Attributes be Searched for in Milestone Bookmarks?

Events and bookmarks in Milestone are given titles such as: "SAFR Enrolled person detected of type VIP with name John Doe.  94.3% match."  They're composed of the following information:

  • Person Type
  • ID Class
  • Person Name

In addition, the following metadata can be searched on:

  • Date/time range
  • Location (i.e. the camera)