This page describes how to save and restore all your VIRGO video feeds as well as all your VIRGO settings, both global and per-feed settings. This can be useful for following reasons:

  • Backup in case settings are corrupted
  • Editing settings in text file in bulk

Save Settings

To save your VIRGO feeds and settings, do the following:

  1. If you did a cloud deployment:
    1. Go to the [SAFR Download Portal](
    2. Go to the "Developers" tab.
    3. Scroll to **SAFR Web API Reference** and click on **Events Service (CVEV) API**.
  2. If you did an on-premise deployment:
    1. Go to http://<ip_of_server>:8084/docs/index.html

3. Click **Authorize** and enter your user and password in this format: <username>:<password>

    * Be sure to be careful when entering your credentials; you'll get a 401 error when submitting API calls if you mistype your credentials.

4. Click the **Authorize** button and then close.

5. Expand the "Get /config/worker" API.

6. Click the **Try it out** button.

7. Click **Execute**.

8. The VIRGO settings will be printed in the response body. Click **Download** to get the JSON file.

You can edit this file. If you do edit it, you may want to check its syntax after editing with an online JSON editor.

Restore Settings

To restore a set of previously saved VIRGO feeds and settings, do the following:

1. Perform steps 1-4 from the *Save Settings* section above.

2. Expand the "PUT /config/worker" API.

3. Click the **Try it out** button.

4. Paste in the previously saved VIRGO settings.

5. Click **Execute**.

6. You'll get a 200 response.