2 Operation Guide

2.1 Synchronizing People

Person synchronization is automatic. Person records and their credentials are copied from AMAG Symetry to SAFR Server and from there pushed to all readers. Synchronization occurs continually in the background.

SAFR will synchronize people and credentials as follows:

  • At initial connection time, all records pre-existing in Symetry are copied to SAFR.
  • From then on, records added to Symetry are copied to SAFR.
  • Records in SAFR are NOT copied to Symetry.
  • Changes to records in Symetry are updated in SAFR.
  • If record is changed in SAFR, a warning is displayed and sync to Symetry will be disabled for that record.
  • Only records with access credentials and image will be copied to SAFR.
  • Removing credentials or the image in the Symetry results in the record being removed from SAFR.
  • Setting record to inactive in Symetry removes the record from SAFR.

Below describes the process (which is automatic).

1. Add a person in AMAG.

That person record and the corresponding credentials are be copied to SAFR and viewable in SAFR Person Window.

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