There are four ways to enroll people into SAFR using images:

  • Recognition from live camera video feeds.
  • Recognition from archived video files.
  • Bulk import using the SAFR REST APIs.
  • Manually enroll people using image files in the Desktop Client or the Web Console as described below.

Manually Enroll People

The instructions and screenshots on this page are for the Web Console. The Desktop Client has similar functionality; see the Desktop Client documentation for detailed information.

  1. After opening the Web Console, go to the People tab.
  2. Click on the Import icon in the upper right corner of the console, as shown below.
  3. Hold your mouse cursor over the "i" (info button) and see specific values for sharpness, contrast, and center pose. In the example below contrast and sharpness are above acceptable thresholds, but center pose is not.
  4. You can import images with one or more low quality metrics by lowering the applicable metric thresholds in the Recognition Preferences menu of the SAFR Desktop Client. Note that the more you lower the thresholds, the worse your recognition results will be. If your image is more than 5 or 10 percentage points lower than the configured thresholds, you should probably get better quality images.